High Rotation

High rotation: Jagwar Ma.

But all you say to me is what you wanna see
You’re not the man I need, that’s what you said to me
You’re not the man I need, you’re not the man I need
Well, let me show you baby just all the man I can be

My heart swells with Aussie pride whenever I realise the song getting the most airplay in my iTunes library is from a local band. Such was the feeling when I discovered Jagwar Ma were a trio from Sydney.

If you haven’t heard their music before it’s like a brilliant Stone Roses/ The Music / Cloud Control mash-up with plenty of 90s Madchester thrown in for good measure. Even¬†Noel Gallagher from Oasis has given them the thumbs up, which is saying a lot:


I’ve been playing their tune, “Man I Need” non-stop while I try to get into their other songs, which hasn’t been success as yet because all I want to do is play this one over and over.




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