Non-sucky book club: Summerlandish

I always like the idea of book clubs until it actually comes to going to one or reading a shitty book because seven other people wanted to wankily wax lyrical about a novel on post-modern feminism THAT THEY’VE CLEARLY ALREADY READ.

Anyways, rant over.

I will suggest* some rad books I’ve been reading/intend to read/ or frankly just like the cover art of over the next few weeks and don’t panic the “non-sucky book club” title is just a tag, there will be no test at the end of this post.



Why it’s worth your time: the e-book taster, which you can download for free here is only 18 pages. Her full book was released on Sept 1 and here’s deets on where you can grab a copy.

What else: her coming-of-age tales are hilarious and mortifying often at the same time. Oh and she also admits to tearing her butthole in a cliff diving incident in the Kimberley.

Who is this chick: This is pretty much all you need to know:

“Summer Land is a graduate of Emerson College and an aspiring writer. With an abundance of embarrassing stories, she wishes to share them with the world so that other girls who have accidentally pooped on their boyfriend’s carpets don’t feel too ashamed about it. Happens to everyone!”

*In a totally non-threatening way but you should totes, like, take my advice because like um, obvs and yolo.


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