The Glow

Before you become a mother you have an abstract notion of the type of parent you want to be. If you could sum it up in a list it would go something like this:

My baby will:

  1. Only play with eco-wooden toys
  2. Eat only organic food that I make myself
  3. Be well behaved at all times

I will:

  1. Never lose my shit in public
  2. Hopefully retain a modicum of style
  3. Not shop at Target

As for what actually happens, well… lets just say the mothers photographed on The Glow are definitely keeping the illusion alive. That is just how put together they are and how perfect their lives look. Although it is refreshing (not to mention pervy) to look at fashionable mums, their gorgeous kids, designer cribs and envy-inducing decor rather than the typical harried, shit-stained stereotype we often see on stock illustrated articles about working mums.





And as for the list? I say if you can get two out of the six, you’re doing great.


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