Victoria Beckham, you’re making me want to buy culottes. Please stop.

81dbe9a5-f4ad-4880-a0ea-c0d9e27fcf80_victoria-beckham-vogue-fashion-dinner-culottes-picture-2Victoria Beckham is making me want to buy culottes again, and I’d like her to stop because I’ve been repressing a painful fashion memory from the last time I wore them in 1990 at my year six graduation.

Being the lost fashion soul I was in school (and okay, for most of my 20s) I looked to my best friend, Rosie, to copy for guidance on what we should wear to our primary school graduation dance. Her mum could sew and regularly ordered clothes from British catalogues, which seemed exotic to my suburban upbringing but in reality they were probably Next Direct or Very, so that gave her as much authority as needed to dictate the fashion du jour.

Typically, Rosie’s mum sewed her graduation outfit, a pair of cute black and white polka dot culottes paired with a tie-front black blouse and 50s inspired hairbow, whereas my mother took me to the local Kmart to choose something. Hey, it was the ‘burbs and that’s as classy as it got in the 90s. After much indecision and nose-upturning I found a knee-length button-down culotte onesie from Danni Minogue’s tween collection.

Yep, it was special.

Particularly with the way I worked it back with a pair of black chunky moccasins and white socks- also from Kmart. It’s anyone’s guess as to why James Cassidy wanted to hold my hands during the barn dance and maypole (or was the maypole just a female specific event? Can’t remember).

But back to Victoria Beckham for a moment, she ended her recent New York Fashion Week show by taking to the runway in a pair of knee-length black culottes, single-handedly putting the long skorts back on the fashion agenda.

I’ve been seeing them on fashion editors at event launches I attend as part of my day job and I’m 99% convinced I can go there again, maybe.

If I do it’ll be with this pair from Alpha 60.



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